Bisui no Sato Cycle Map

Yodoe-cho, Yonago City is surrounded by ancient ruins with a view of the Sea of Japan to the north and Daisen, a Hidemine called Houki Fuji, to the south.
It is a "Bisui no Sato" where the snow-melted water that has been filtered in the beech forest of Daisen springs up.
Why don't you travel by bicycle in this ancient romance-scented town while feeling the passage of time?
Feel the sea breeze while looking at Daisen from the magnificent sea of japan.
Select a course where you can enjoy the sea and mountains unique to Sanin at the same time
You can run according to your physical strength.
Please heal your tiredness after cycling at Yodoe Yume Onsen.

「Bisui no Sato Cycle NAVI」Cycling Map

■Bisui no Sato Tour Course<br> ~Water, mountains, rivers, enjoyment~
【Distance】:30.4km 【Elevation】:181m
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■Daisen / Sea of Japan panoramic course<br> ~100 Beautiful Japanese Villages~
【Distance】:8.3km 【Elevation】:124m

■Round Daisen Round Course ~360 degree panorama and the Sea of Japan downhill~
【Distance】:104.2km 【Elevation】:2,328m
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■Yasugi Ara Essa→Yodoe Yume Onsen
【Distance】:17.9km 【Elevation】:35m
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■Sakaiminato Yume Minato Tower→Hakuho no Sato
【Distance】:24.9km 【Elevation】:20m
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■Roadside station,Nichinan  Hinogawa no Sato→Hakuho no Sato
【Distance】:53.6km 【Elevation】:477m
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■Roadside Station,Port Akasaki→Yodoe Yume Onsen
【Distance】:28.1km 【Elevation】:146m
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■Bisui no Sato Cycle Map

Introducing cycling routes, stop-by spots, rest facilities, etc. centered on western Tottori prefecture.

MAP(Outside) PDF file(3.5MB) MAP(Inside) PDF file(3.8MB)

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